Rick Patel

Principal | CEO

Rick Patel is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a founding member of Second Street Capital. With over two decades of extensive community work in the hospitality and finance industries, Mr. Patel’s rich history has helped shaped the firm’s core investment philosophy.

Mr. Patel began his journey in the commercial real estate sector with his first startup, the National Hospitality Consulting Group (NHCG). In the aftermath of the 2008 crisis, Mr. Patel and his partner quickly developed NHCG into one of Florida’s leading hospitality consulting firms. Despite a tight credit market, Mr. Patel played a crucial role in helping his clients regain their financial stability. This experience reinforced his belief that all business owners, given the right support, expert consultation, and appropriate funding, can succeed.

In 2013, Mr. Patel established Global Perspective Funding with a vision to assist entrepreneurs secure third-party financing solutions. He offers expert consultation services, aiding companies in increasing profit margins, refinancing debts, recovering from adversity, and securing funding for future growth projects. As an advocate for his clients, Mr. Patel negotiates with various lending partners on their behalf. The company underwent restructuring in 2015 and emerged as GRP Capital, which has since become a household name in hospitality financing.

In 2020, Mr. Patel co-founded Second Street Capital, a direct short-term lending solution for experienced entrepreneurs who found themselves underserved as a result of the global pandemic. With the expanded capacity of Second Street Capital, Mr. Patel now serves as a comprehensive source for financing, offering access to bridge, conventional, non-recourse financing options, and SBA products.

Recognizing the growing needs in the capital and lending market, Mr. Patel executed his vision by uniting his industry partners to form Vivek Strategic Capital. Mr. Patel is passionate about establishing a lending source that will bridge the gap between borrowers and their vision.