We assist borrowers where banks cannot.

Multifamily building

Second Street Capital is a Florida-based commercial real estate loan origination and servicing company. The firm focuses on providing creative funding solutions on a streamlined lending platform.

Transaction Types

  • 1031 Exchange Deadlines
  • Note Purchases
  • Opportunistic Acquisitions
  • “Quick Close” Special Situations
  • Recapitalization & LP Buyouts
  • Refinance with Exit or Sale Flexibility
  • Strategic Repositioning
  • Value-add Acquisitions

Property Types

  • Healthcare & Skilled Nursing
  • Hospitality
  • Light Industrial & Warehouse
  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Self Storage

Lending Guidelines.

Time to Close 30-45 days from application
Loan Size $1,000,000 to $15,000,000
LTV / LTC Up to 75% LTV / LTC
Lien Position First Mortgage, Deed of Trust, or Second Mortgage in opportunistic cases
Loan Term 6 to 12 months initial term (2 year maximum, including extensions)
Extensions Extensions up to 6 months available at market extension fees
Interest Rate Fixed rates starting at 12.00%
Amortization Interest-only
DSCR Below 1.15X DSCR acceptable if supported by a debt reserve
Yield Maintenance Pre-payable at any time subject to yield maintenance covenants
Recourse Recourse
CapEx or PIP (Hotels) Holdbacks for renovation with timely review and disbursements
Expense Deposits Deposit required to cover third party reports, legal fees and other customary due diligence costs
Fees Origination fees starting at 2.00%; Exit fees starting at 2.00% (determined on a case by-case basis)

It is our belief that business owners can be successful with proper funding.

Rick Patel CEO

Our Company.

Benito Villa

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop smart funding solutions that breakthrough traditional lending barriers. With a focus on thorough, hands-on due diligence, we seek to deliver preferred risk-adjusted returns to our investors while our borrowers benefit from a certainty of execution.

Investor Benefits

  • Active engagement with management teams to ensure business plan follow through and loan compliance under our loan programs.
  • In-house loan servicing for payment collection, account reconciliation, insurance examination, tax escrow, and quarterly financial review.
  • Broaden into investment classes available to financial institutions and the ultra-wealthy.
  • Diversification across different asset classes and regions.
  • Professional portfolio management and advanced fund deployment strategies.