Krishan Patel

Principal | Director

Krishan Patel is co-founder of Second Street Capital and serves as the company’s Director. Krishan is responsible for project due diligence, credit underwriting, and establishing the firm’s debt strategies. 

Through his tenure in commercial financing, Krishan has made notable contributions to the optimization of loan processes and the standardization of underwriting practices. His forward-thinking strategies and management style led to a 97% increase in annual debt placement from 2016 to 2022. At Second Street Capital, Krishan has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in project due diligence and credit underwriting, significantly contributing to the development of the firm’s comprehensive debt strategies.

Prior to his career in commercial real estate finance, Krishan served as an Officer at Private Capital Management, a private equity firm with a focus on U.S. equities and value strategies. Mr. Patel holds a Master of Science degree in Finance, specializing in Financial Management, from Florida International University in Miami, FL.